MASSILLON, OHIO  The coronavirus pandemic has helped push Tesla NanoCoatings toward a new group of potential customers.

Some of those customers are right here in Northeast Ohio.

Carbon nanotubes used in products made by Tesla NanoCoatings combine and create a barrier that protects surfaces from abrasions. The company also developed a system that dries faster and needs only two coats, reducing the time needed to apply protective coatings.

“It’s almost like a metallic coating when it cures. It behaves like a metallic coating,” Todd Hawkins, founder and chief executive officer, said of the company’s product.

Some of the world’s leading oil and gas drilling companies use the product to protect surfaces on off-shore drilling platforms, ships and processing facilities.

But the coronavirus pandemics forced off-shore rig operators to reduce the number of employees stationed at a site. Fewer employees led to a reduction in the amount of maintenance work that could be done on the platforms. It also sliced demand for products made Tesla NanoCoatings.