Tesla NanoCoatings

Distributor Program

I. Introduction

At Tesla NanoCoatings, we’re always on the lookout for distributors that can help expand the reach of our products both domestically and internationally. We receive requests from companies looking to formalize a relationship with Tesla NanoCoatings to distribute our unique and powerful products around the globe. Our network of foreign distributors may well find a market beyond our reach and sell more broadly into their native markets. Domestically, we will continue to seek and use distributors that have access to markets and customers outside of our focus on offshore oil and gas as well as offshore wind.

II. Nature of Relationship

Tesla NanoCoatings distributors buy and re-sell our products and should have the following qualifications and capabilities:

  • Knowledgeable suppliers in related businesses looking to build a long-term partnership.
  • Companies with people capable and interested in learning our technology.
  • Companies with shared values, especially as it relates to conducting business with high ethical standards.
  • Like minded partners when it comes to second to none customer service, quality and leading innovation.
  • Organizations willing to promote and build and promote the Tesla NanoCoatings brand
  • Great support for global customers while also developing the local market.

III. Agreement and Pricing

Our distributor partners will be required to sign our Distributor Agreement and agree to buy products for re-sell at Distributor Price List level.

IV. Products

Our specially-selected product offerings for distribution are designed simply to help both parties manage inventory and service levels effectively.

V. Agreement

Ready to get started? Use the Contact Form to the right to let us know of your interest and we’ll be back in touch with any questions. Thank you for your interest.

TESLAN® 3102 Epoxy CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 4000 Urethane CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

3000 Epoxy and 4000 Urethane will be available in tint bases for a distributor to tint.



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