Here at Tesla NanoCoatings, we get lots of questions regarding the application of our products. From the application process itself to training and certifications, we’ve heard all of your concerns. To answer some of our most common customer queries, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about applying TESLAN® in today’s article.

We understand that it can be daunting to begin working with a product that’s new to you and your team. However, many of our customers have found TESLAN® coatings to be worth learning more about to overcome the initial challenges of navigating uncharted waters, so to speak.

In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the application process for our revolutionary nanocoatings isn’t as complex or unfamiliar as you might think. Let’s dive right into it, starting with what set TESLAN® apart from other coatings in the industry.

What Makes TESLAN® Different from Other Offshore Paint Systems?

TESLAN® provides many key benefits above traditional offshore paint systems. It performs better, lasts longer, and utilizes carbon nanotube technology to provide incomparable protection to your steel assets.

Some of the biggest benefits of using TESLAN® are experienced during the application process. Unlike other offshore paint systems which usually require three coats or more, TESLAN® coatings can be applied in as little as two coatings.

Our coatings are comprised of a primer and a topcoat, each containing carbon nanotubes. Our patented 2×1 Wet Edge wet-on-wet technology allows for the topcoat to be applied on top of the primer before it has completely dried. In fact, doing so helps strengthen the bond between the layers to provide incredible adhesion and impact resistance. It also eliminates the risk of contamination between coats, a common issue with traditional systems where coats may be applied days apart from each other to make sure they’ve had ample time to dry.

Thanks to the carbon nanotubes imbued within, our epoxy coatings take very well to evenly covering edges and crevices. This eliminates the need for a stripe coat and provides a more effective degree of protection on sharp geometries than other stripe coated systems.

Although the per gallon cost of TESLAN® may be higher than other coatings, our customers see a huge ROI during the application process resulting in the lowest installed cost. Our coatings have also proven to outlast other systems in both controlled tests and in field use alike.


Do You Need Special Equipment to Apply TESLAN® Offshore Coatings?

While the technology and engineering that make TESLAN® so special are nothing short of revolutionary, we made sure to design the application process to be as simple as possible.

TESLAN® coatings do not require any type of special equipment to apply.

Our coatings can be applied just as easily as traditional three-coat offshore paint systems; users can even employ the same equipment that they are already comfortable with using to apply TESLAN® products.

Do Personnel Need Additional Training to Learn to Apply TESLAN®?

The biggest learning curve that comes with adopting TESLAN® coatings is understanding the technology that goes into them- and understanding that it really does work.

Many times, customers and paint technicians alike have a hard time believing the benefits of TESLAN® because they simply sound too good to be true. However, we firmly stand by our technology and have the studies and field experience to back it up.

That being said, the hardest part of training someone to use TESLAN® is educating them on the benefits that make application so much easier and more efficient than traditional coatings. We often hear from painters that our system is so easy to use, it makes a new painter look like they’ve been painting for years!

No, you don’t need a stripe coat for those sharp edges.

Yes, it really is okay to apply wet on wet.

Application can be completed in just a single site visit.

Dry times really are quick enough that personnel can get back to work the next day.

Those are some of the key adjustments that coating technicians will need to make when learning to apply our offshore coatings. To help streamline the process, we do offer on-site technical assistance during project startups to help orient those new to using our product.

The bottom line is, applying TESLAN® is easier than applying the traditional three-coat offshore paint systems that your technicians are likely already familiar with.

What Kind of Certifications Are Needed to Apply TESLAN® Offshore Coatings?

So, there’s no special equipment, no additional training- and to follow suit, there are no special certifications needed to apply TESLAN® coatings. If your team has the equipment and the product, that’s all you need to get started.

That should cover everything that you need to know about applying TESLAN® offshore coatings! If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our team who can tell you all about Tesla NanoCoatings inside and out.

To learn more about the technologies that define Tesla NanoCoatings, visit our About Page. If you’re interested in utilizing our quick coatings in your offshore, marine, or midstream operations, contact us today.