What are Carbon Nanotubes?

Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest material known to man, with something like 50 times the tensile strength of steel. Additionally, carbon nanotubes conduct electricity far more efficiently than copper, roughly 1,000 times more efficiently. These two primary characteristics of carbon nanotubes are integrated into our coating systems.


A single carbon nanotube isn’t very effective in a coating film due its size being a billionth of a meter. Far too small to see with the naked eye. However, billions of carbon nanotubes working together in concert has changed the protective coatings landscape. The key to Tesla Nanocoatings’ success lies in our ability to functionalize carbon nanotubes in such a way that they become attracted to one-another and self-align. This self-alignment process creates a three dimensional “rebar” like framework in the coating film. This “rebar” reinforcement allows Tesla’s Carbon Nanotube Zinc Rich Epoxy to max out impact damage and pull-off adhesion testing.

carbon fiber and human hair
carbon fiber
carbon fiber

Additionally, we’re able to conduct electrons throughout the film far better than zinc itself. Imagine if we painted the entire exterior of the Empire State Building with Tesla. If and this is a BIG if, damage occurred at street level, the carbon nanotubes would allow electron transfer from the very top of the spire to the damaged area. This is one of the reason’s Tesla’s carbon nanotube technology is so revolutionary.