October 17, 2020

Illustration; Workers boarding helicopters on an offshore installation in the North Sea.

Illustration; Workers boarding helicopters on an offshore installation in the North Sea.

North Sea oil and gas operator Taqa has asked 54 offshore workers to self-isolate for precaution after, during shared helicopter flights, they got into contact with seven Brae platforms workers who later tested positive for Covid 19.

In a statement sent to Offshore Engineer, Taqa said: “Seven individuals working in the Brae field have tested positive for Covid-19 after demobilizing from two different platforms from 29th September to 6th October having developed minor symptoms. This includes three individuals from Brae Alpha and four individuals from East Brae.”

As a result, Taqa said, 18 individuals who were considered to have come into close contact with these individuals have since been notified and down manned from these platforms. 

In addition, Taqa said, a further 54 individuals who may have also come into contact with those infected from shared helicopter flights were contacted as part of Taqa’s response and advised to follow Scottish Government Test & Protect public health measures and quarantine at home for 14 days.

Non-essential crew removed from Brae platforms

A Taqa spokesperson said: “Our main priority is to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone onboard our platforms. Therefore, TAQA has decided to temporarily down man non-essential crew working on Brae Alpha and East Brae for a period of 7-10 days to further minimize the residual risk of Covid-19 transmittal. The exact numbers being down manned are currently being determined”

“We have clear procedures in place in relation to hygiene and social distancing measures on board and for handling suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19.  We continue to work with the relevant authorities and agencies to assess and respond to any Covid-19 related situations in line with UK Government and Health Protection Scotland guidelines.”
Brae Map – Credit: RockRose

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