With exceptional exposure to humid, salty environments and intensive UV-radiation, offshore wind turbines face particularly aggressive conditions on a daily basis. Wind turbines are also subject to stress around the tidal or splash zone, both from mechanical impacts – service boat collisions and waves – and seawater corrosion. As a result, proper protection of wind turbine foundations and transition pieces is imperative, particularly as repairs can be costly.

Acotec has developed Humidur WF22 coatings specifically for the needs and challenges of the wind turbine industry. Based on Acotec’s sustainable all-weather offshore coating technology, Humidur WF22 delivers durable protection against aggressive humidity and seawater exposure. Humidur WF22 also protects the transition piece (TP) that is subject to splashes on the high tidal zone, where the structure endures mechanical impacts and waves.

“Acotec already has extensive experience protecting offshore oil and gas platforms,” said Gary Hill, Acotec global business development director. “Wind turbines are exposed to similar conditions over a long period of time, and yet do not always benefit from human ‘on the spot’ control, so a durable protection solution is necessary. Humidur WF22 is that solution. Humidur WF22 is a sustainable and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating.”

With a large range of application options, Humidur®WF22 is a user-friendly coating, as a single layer of coating is all that is required, with no need for a primer. Furthermore, Humidur WF22 has been proven to cure under water, even at freezing temperatures, meaning the structure may be submerged immediately after application.

Humidur WF22 is a sustainable, modern-day product and perfectly safe for the environment, as it is made with 100 % solids. This means it contains no solvents, no heavy metals, no coal tar, no isocyanates, no VOCs and no TBTs. Leaving no detrimental effect on the sediment, fauna and flora in and out of the water, Humidur WF22 cures under water without leaching.

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