Adhesives and sealants used in demanding applications must perform reliably to meet production standards and ensure the quality and safety of the products in which they are used. 


To address these challenges, AGC Chemicals Americas offers PREMINOL ultra-high molecular weight polyether polyols and EXCESTAR silane-modified polyether polymers. 


Both impart performance properties like high strength and elongation so that the formulation can better withstand conditions like vibration, heat, chemicals and UV light.  


AGC uses a unique synthesis technology and polymerization process to achieve high purity and high molecular weight with multiple functional groups. This enables PREMINOL and EXCESTAR polyols to achieve high strength and high elongation that improve the functionality of end products. 


 PREMINOL and EXCESTAR enhance performance properties like tensile strength, durability, elongation, elasticity, mechanical strength and temperature resistance. 


PREMINOL has ultra-low monol content, ultra-high molecular weight ranging from 3,000 to 18,000, and narrow molecular weight distribution. This provides good mechanical properties such as high flexibility, elongation, strength, durability and workability (via faster skinning time and low viscosity) for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications. 


EXCESTAR is a silane-modified polyether polymer that imparts unique properties to sealants and adhesives such as high flexibility, heat resistance, weatherability, stain resistance, faster curing time and adherence without a primer. EXCESTAR products are toxin-free, easy to use and ideal for construction, industrial and electronics applications.


Because it is based on PREMINOL technology, EXCESTAR incorporates these benefits while adding value by having a hydrolyzed silyl group on the end.

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