Infinity Wax, a manufacturer of car care products in Europe, launched a second car care product enhanced with the Applied Graphene Materials’ graphene technology, the latter announced.


Using AGM’s Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, Infinity Wax launched Graphene Wax, a new generation of high-performance car wax. 


Infinity Wax launched the new Graphene Wax following the debut of QDX Graphene Detailing Spray. 


According to AGM, the new product offers outstanding water beading and sheeting properties as a result of increased hydrophobicity, resulting in long term paint protection. Graphene Wax makes it easy to wipe away dirt, enabling car owners to achieve a professional wax shine. 


“We are delighted to see a second graphene product launch for our customer and we look forward to seeing this product’s success in the market, and how this translates into revenue growth for both AGM and Infinity Wax,” AGM CEO Adrian Potts said. “This product once again demonstrates the effectiveness of AGM’s approach to close collaboration with our customers, which has delivered an optimum outcome with the deployment of our graphene dispersions.” 

“The use of Genable dispersions in our latest product, an automotive paste wax, has allowed us to push the performance of our synthetic wax technology beyond what has previously been possible while also allowing the product to be beginner-friendly with the effortless ease of use, something rarely seen in these types of highly durable waxes,” added Mike Cipriani, founder of Infinity Wax. 

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