Applied Graphene Materials said it will be presenting its technology that enables easy graphene dispersion in water-based epoxy coatings, while delivering improved corrosion protection, at the Corrosion 21 Conference & Expo on April 28, 2021.


According to AGM, the technology represents a major milestone in the development of performance-enhancing graphene technologies for more sustainable coatings manufacturers. 


AGM said it previously demonstrated significant uplifts in anti-corrosion performance in solvent-based coatings through the use of its Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersion technology. However, water-based coating development remains a key focus for industry formulators looking to improve the safety and environmental impacts of their products, AGM noted.


AGM’s Senior Application Scientist Matthew Sharp will be presenting on Anticorrosive Performance of Novel Water-based Systems using Graphene Nanoplatelets


According to AGM, to date, dispersion of graphene in water-based systems has been problematic, causing coating instability or requiring large amounts of surfactant. 


AGM said its technology enables easy dispersion of graphene in water-based epoxy coatings, while delivering improved corrosion protection – the research represents an important development in raising waterborne coating anti-corrosion performance in industry applications.


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