AkzoNobel introduced its latest high-performance, Intersmooth anti-fouling hull coating from its International brand.


Intersmooth 7200Si SPC and Intersmooth 7476Si SPC are next-generation self-polishing Silyl Methacrylate anti-foulings.


The products are based upon proven resin technology coupled with a highly effective biocide package that has been optimized to deliver excellent cost-effective performance, according to AkzoNobel.

Intersmooth 7476Si SPC is formulated to deliver consistent, reliable and industry-leading antifouling performance over the dry-docking cycle, according to AkzoNobel.  


The product also benefits from higher solids when compared to the current industry benchmark – reducing waste and VOC emissions whilst improving application efficiency, according to AkzoNobel. 


Intersmooth 7200Si SPC comes with a guaranteed speed loss threshold of 2.5%, the company said.


It arrives at a critical moment as the marine industry not only seeks to reduce CO2 emissions in line with MEPC75 but also commences its recovery from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, according to AkzoNobel.


Its unique formulation features an optimized biocide package that not only delivers a clean hull but helps operators contribute further to reach their environmental goals by reducing CO2 emissions in service, according to AkzoNobel.


As a result, it contributes to a reduction in operation and maintenance costs to improve fleet profitability, AkzoNobel said. 


The Silyl Methacrylate technology of Intersmooth 7200Si SPC and Intersmooth 7476Si SPC has been precision-engineered to deliver a more consistent polishing rate that enables custom-designed schemes for vessels based on their predicted routes, to ensure they perform at their best – resulting in less interruption or delays in service – delivering maintenance and cost savings to operators, according to AkzoNobel.


Intersmooth 7200Si SPC also provides less sensitivity to time and temperature in its service period and a reduced risk of surface cracking versus Silyl Acrylate-based products, the company said. 

Intersmooth 7476Si SPC comes with a guaranteed speed loss threshold of 1.4%, according to AkzoNobel. 


“At AkzoNobel, we are committed to helping the marine industry reach its carbon-neutral ambition – through continually developing products and services which contribute towards and boost financial returns in a sustainable way,” said Christopher Birkert, Global Marine Segment manager. “The Intersmooth range has been trusted by our customers since 1974 and has had over 47,500 applications globally since its launch.


“By building on this solid technology, Intersmooth 7200Si SPC offers the best fuel savings for its class with its self-polishing technology delivering a low-friction underwater hull surface that contributes to an average speed loss of no more than 2.5% during 60 months in service. This delivers significant cost savings in application and operation over the scheme lifetime which can extend to 90 months,” Birkert added. “The high-performance, self-polishing, anti-fouling hull properties of Intersmooth 7476Si SPC can help operators meet these goals while delivering significant cost savings over their lifetime, which can be up to 90 months.

“With Intersmooth 7476Si SPC we’ve taken one of our best anti-foulings and made it even better. It can be used at both new building and repair and provides a guaranteed clean hull over 45 static days, with a speed loss threshold capped at 1.4%,” he noted.

“The latest advance in anti-fouling performance with our market-leading Silyl Methacrylate polymer technology demonstrates our commitment to delivering sustainably focussed products and services that provide a step-change opportunity for operators both economically and environmentally,” Birkert concluded.

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