The Vapor Pro XL (VPXL) Autosampler increases the efficiency of the Vapor Pro’s cutting-edge moisture-specific analysis technology with its ability to analyze up to 16 samples automatically with individual test profiles. 


Its compact size and added features make the VPXL Autosampler ideal for applications that require test automation and increased throughput.


The VPXL Autosampler offers a safe, chemical-free alternative to Karl Fischer titration, eliminating the need for expensive glassware and costly maintenance.


“Busy quality managers will enjoy peace-of-mind and boosted productivity with an automated moisture analysis of up to 16 product samples,” said Kai Johnstad, AMETEK Brookfield’s global product manager. “Product stakeholders will also benefit from time and cost savings by ensuring the perfect moisture content without using Karl Fischer titration.”


The Vapor Pro XL Autosampler increases productivity without sacrificing accuracy and repeatable test results. 


It offers a vast number of testing applications across a wide variety of industries including food, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, paints and coatings, plastics, batteries, and more, while maintaining the ability to individualize sample test profiles, making it the ideal moisture analysis instrument.


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