Applied Graphene Materials, a producer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, has launched a new commercial service offering. ‘Innovation Accelerator’ is a unique end-to-end research and development service to support businesses in harnessing the potential of graphene in their products.


Through Innovation Accelerator, AGM’s unique offering can support customers through to product launch with this end-to-end service. The program offers customers a range of innovative solutions, from exclusive graphene-enhanced dispersions tailored for their system, to working directly with AGM’s technical experts to develop a customized project, formulation services and full system application testing and product characterization.


Innovation Accelerator represents a potential new revenue stream for AGM and acknowledges its high-value support to customers during their product development phase, which can often last months. Partners will pay a one-off fee for a package to include research and development, quality control testing, on-going stability trials and a starter kit of a graphene dispersion. Tailored dispersions made to customers’ product specifications are priced separately.


The Innovation Accelerator offering will be made available to existing commercial partners as well as to companies with whom AGM is not yet formally engaged, and will be actively marketed via AGM’s distribution network which now spans the majority of Europe, North America, and Japan.

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