Mowilith emulsions are used for providing adhesion, hardness and elongation to wood and metal coatings, concrete and industrial paint.

Kerry Pianoforte, Editor06.04.21

 Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, today announced that it has entered an agreement with specialty raw material distributor Van Horn, Metz & Company for the distribution of its Mowilith emulsions in the United States.

Archroma has established itself as one of the most experienced suppliers of polymer emulsion technology for waterborne coatings and paints in the world. Its Mowilith® emulsions are used by home decor manufacturers in Asia and Latin America to impart wood and metal coatings, concrete, and industrial paints, with high gloss, resistance to UV, water, dirt and scratch, and weatherability. This helps to protect walls, floors and other surfaces, reducing the need for regular maintenance and increasing their durability.

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