Arxada, a global leader in specialty chemicals, and Novoset LLC, a technology and process driven “system solution” thermoset polymer material company, announce the signing of an exclusive license agreement for the production and sale of a next generation hydrocarbon-based resin system for telecommunications and advanced semiconductor packaging. Under the terms of the agreement, Arxada will develop, manufacture and commercialize the resin system developed by Novoset.

The technology will be developed by Arxada’s Composite Materials unit, part of its Specialty Products Solutions (‘SPS’) business. The new resin system will serve several markets including the growing 5G telecommunications segment. It will be added to Arxada’s Primaset® range of high-performance thermoset resins for the telecommunication infrastructure and advanced semiconductor packaging industries, building on the success of its existing products for 3G and 4G electronic applications.

“This collaboration with Novoset aligns with our strategy of designing and developing solutions for products of the future to address our customers’ needs,” said Antje Gerber, president, Specialty Products Solutions. “The addition of this new hydrocarbon resin system to our Composite Materials portfolio will further enhance our Primaset® range, leveraging our existing development and innovation capabilities to expand into highly desirable markets, including the rapidly growing 5G telecommunications market.”

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Arxada to develop our innovative proprietary technology,” added Dr. Sajal Das, CEO of Novoset, LLC. “This agreement will enable us to leverage Arxada’s process development and production capabilities and broad commercial infrastructure to realize the full potential of this new technology. In addition, a new class of catalyst technology has been developed for these products, which are suitable both for conventional and advanced composite manufacturing methods.”

The new Primaset HC-100 and HC-200 resin systems will provide superior dielectric performance, high temperature resistance and ultra-low moisture absorption compared to existing Arxada products, improving mechanical performance and process engineering. The products will be developed and manufactured in Arxada’s world class facility in Visp, Switzerland. Arxada is currently developing the products and plans to begin sampling to customers in Q2 2022.

Arxada’s Composite Materials unit is a well-established supplier and materials provider to the electronics, industrial and transportation end markets, developing the next generation of performance materials. The Company’s Primaset® resins are a novel class of high-performance thermoset resins used in advanced composite materials for aerospace, space, automotive and industrial applications. The products have high thermal stability and strong mechanical properties, enabling them to withstand harsh conditions and maintain high performance over their full lifespan.

The collaboration is the fourth between Novoset and Arxada since 2011. Novoset has a long history of successful collaboration with Arxada’s Composite Materials unit as an innovation and marketing partner in cyanate esters and other products. Some of those products are used in applications including mobile technology, Formula 1 cars, space vehicle heat shields and structures, air-ducting and enterprise servers in data center applications.

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