The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) welcomed 16 new members to its ranks since the start of the year. The new member companies represent different aspects of the adhesive and sealant supply chain, including raw materials suppliers, manufacturers and technical adhesive and sealant consultants.

“ASC is pleased to welcome these new members into the ASC membership and our community of industry professionals. They are important to the growth of the organization, and we look forward to engaging them and delivering value to help them secure the future”, notes Bill Allmond, president of ASC.

The following companies have joined ASC in 2022:
• Adfast Canada – Manufacturer
• Airable Research Lab – Affiliate Supplier
• Behr Paint Co. – Manufacturer
• Braskem – Supplier
• ExxonMobil Chemical – Supplier
• FasTech Adhesives – Manufacturer
• Magnekon – Manufacturer
• Matrix Adhesives – Manufacturer
• Meritool – Supplier
• Mitsubishi Chemical – Supplier
• Momentive Performance Materials – Supplier
• National Adhesive Distributors – Manufacturer
• Omya Technologies – Supplier
• Petro-Canada – Supplier
• Specified Technologies – Manufacturer
• Valtris Specialty Chemicals – Supplier   

“It is really exciting to see the engagement, participation, and the industry “give back” that these companies are exhibiting by joining the ASC. It is now our turn, to make sure our member companies are reaping their member benefits, and really seeing the true ‘value’ and power behind ASC,” said Brian Peters, director, membership & industry programs.

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