December 2, 2020

Cliff Head Platform / Image Credit: Triangle Energy

Cliff Head Platform / Image Credit: Triangle Energy

Australian oil company Triangle Energy has restarted production from its CH-7 well at the Cliff Head offshore oil field in the Perth Basin, Australia.

The company in October said it had begun operations to bring back online two wells at the Cliff head offshore field. The two wells, CH-6 and CH-7, were shut in June. CH-6 was shut due to a pump failure, while the CH-7 was shut as a precautionary measure.

Production from the CH-7 well resumed on the afternoon of November 28, 2020. 

“Operations returned after a successful Workover Programme (Workover) which included the installation of a new, downhole Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) and was completed ahead of schedule and under budget,” Triangle Energy said earlier this week.

“Performance testing and verification is underway, however, the company is pleased to announce that production associated with the CH-7 well is expected to stabilize at approximately 237 bopd, bringing the field total production to approximately 825 bopd,” Triangle Energy added.

As for the workover at the CH-6 well, this has been temporarily suspended after initial attempts to retrieve the old Electrical Submersible Pump were unsuccessful. The failed ESP had been in production for over ten years. 

“This pause in operations enables the Company to progress with contingency planning without incurring any standby costs. The target date for resumption of workover activities for CH-6, under the current contracting agreements, will be Q1 2021,” Triangle Energy said.

The Cliff Head field is located in the Perth Basin approximately 270 kilometers north of Perth and 12 kilometers off the coast of Dongara in Western Australia. The offshore field lies at a water depth of 15-20 meters.

Oil from the Cliff Head field is produced via electrical submersible pump production wells, with produced water reinjected into three injection wells at the offshore platform. The offshore platform is connected to the onshore Arrowsmith Stabilisation Plant by twin 14km production and injection pipelines.

The crude oil is then trucked to BP at its Kwinana refinery south of Perth.  

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