Axalta was named the exclusive coatings supplier for Brabham Automotive in Australia. 


Axalta’s latest waterborne coating technology from its paint brand Standox will be applied to more than 70 limited edition luxury vehicles from the Celebration and Signature Series manufactured by Brabham Automotive and distributed globally.


Axalta and Brabham Automotive will partner during the design process to ensure each vehicle meets the highest standards of quality demanded by both companies. 


The color scheme of most of the new vehicles will match those used on the Brabham F1 cars, including the BT19 and the BT46B driven by Niki Lauda. 


Customers who want a unique finish have the opportunity to work with Axalta and Brabham Automotive to create a special color design. 


Each vehicle is made to order, enhancing the exclusivity for its customers.


“We share a common vision of developing high-quality, durable and sustainable products utilizing advanced waterborne technologies,” said Peter Kingsley-Rowe, Australia Territory business manager at Axalta. 


“When we select our partners, we aim for best-in-class quality and service delivery, and a partner who will collaborate with us,” added Dan Marks, CEO of Brabham Automotive. “This partnership aligns with our goal of achieving the highest levels of quality and performance on the road and track.”

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