Axalta recently launched Wood Vibes: Mood, the new edition of its Industrial wood coatings color trends campaign


Wood Vibes: Mood is an expansion of Axalta’s wood color collection, focusing on home interior color trends and wood finishes using cutting-edge color formulations. 


The collection features a mix of bright colors, soft pastels and refined wood tones appropriately titled: Spirit, Lively, L’amour, Cozy, Effortless, Cheers and Namaste.


Wood Vibes: Mood leverages the psychology of color by utilizing distinctive color hues to evoke feelings of comfort and calmness. This latest collection injects emotion and accentuates the overall ambiance of a home. 


“Leveraging Axalta’s color expertise, in-depth market research and advanced technologies, we forecast contemporary wood trends, helping our customers to develop innovative, unique wood finishes,” said Wade Arnold, VP of Industrial Wood Coatings at Axalta. 


The Wood Vibes: Mood color palette includes:

  • Namaste uses the ever-popular blue to design a peaceful and elegant space. 
  • The Spirit collection incorporates various hues of green, stirring feelings of positivity, refreshment and harmony;
  • The Lively palette uplifts the spirit and is composed of subtle and attractive hues creating a welcoming feeling;
  • A combination of pale pink and blue make up the L’amour collection, creating a fresh palette of calming colors;
  • The Cozy collection balances brighter hues with grey tones, creating a simple yet versatile palette;
  • The Effortless collection is simple, timeless and maximizes beige, cream and brown color trends;
  • The Cheers collection highlights red’s dynamism, creating a dramatic and passionate palette.

“The Wood Vibes: Mood collection is a versatile palette that enlivens the spirit of a home. From muted green to pale pink, this collection builds upon color trends to create the perfect ambiance in any room in your home,” said Vanessa Navarro, marketing manager of Industrial Coatings at Axalta. “Leveraging our color expertise, we’re excited to introduce this unique and contemporary collection of wood finishes to our customers.”

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