Barentz announced a new distribution relationship with Dixie Chemical, a manufacturer of high-performance anhydrides and smart materials for thermoset composites, coatings materials, fuel additives, lubricants, and paper sizing.

Effective immediately, Barentz will be the exclusive distributor of Dixie Chemicals entire range of products in the US and Canada.  Furthermore, Barentz will coordinate the distribution of Dixie Chemicals line globally.

Dixie Chemical’s anhydride chemistry, in conjunction with Barentz’ application development know-how, exceptional customer service, lab capabilities, formulary and regulatory support and technical sales team, will bring differentiated value-added solutions to customers by providing technical proficiency and formulation expertise across North America.

“Dixie Chemical’s commitment to be the premier provider of specialty chemicals and to develop innovative and differentiated technologies is another example of how Barentz continues to bring novel offerings and solutions to our customers in the U.S., Canada and around the world,” Thomas Papasso, VP principal management, said.

“Dixie Chemical is very much looking forward to our new partnership with Barentz,” Jessica Hagewood, VP sales and marketing, said. “Their professionalism and expertise as the leading distributor in the chemical industry will help to bring new opportunities and help to drive innovation for our customers and our industry”.

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