Barentz announced its relationship with Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ICT).
Effective immediately, Barentz will distribute the following product lines:
· Flexisorb – Odor absorbers
· Flexiclean – Hard & soft surface cleaners, odor absorbers
· Flexisurf – Specialty surfactants for hard and soft surface cleaning
· Flexiwet – Specialty surfactants for hard and soft surface cleaning
· Flexicon – Soft surface cleaning for leather
· Flexishine – Hard surface cleaners for wood and stainless steel
· Flexipel – Hard surface repellents, protectors & cleaners
· Flexibrite – Dispersants for daily shower cleaners
· Flexisperse – Dispersants, anti-scalants, co-builders and anti-redeposition polymers for laundry, dish wash and more.

These products can be used in a variety of consumer cleaning and odor control products, as well as a wide range of industrial cleaning applications.

ICT, in conjunction with Barentz’ application development know-how, customer service, lab capabilities, formulary & regulatory support and technical sales team, will bring differentiated value-added solutions to customers by providing technical proficiency and formulation expertise.

“Barentz is excited to enter into this distribution agreement with ICT,” Chris Lupica, VP principal management, said. “ICT’s commitment of providing innovative products that en-able solutions across a broad spectrum of applications within the HI&I market will drive our collective market leadership position.”

“ICT is pleased to begin a formal relationship with Barentz, whose problem-solving, solu-tion-oriented approach to their customers aligns perfectly with ICT’s business philosophy,” said Brian McLean, sales and marketing director from ICT. “We look forward to working with them to broaden our ability to supply innovative products to the HI&I, Personal Care, and CASE markets in North America.”

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