BHE Canada has signed power purchase agreements (PPA) with three new Canadian corporate partners: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bullfrog Power Inc. and Shopify Inc.

The three companies partnered to form a buyers’ group; each signed a PPA with BHE Canada to contract energy from the Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project, which will be fully operational soon.

For the buyers, the PPAs will provide them with environmental attributes to meet their environmental targets, offset existing carbon production and help facilitate the growth of renewable energy in Canada.

“The Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project is the first step of BHE Canada’s journey to invest in renewable energy sources across the country,” says Ed Rihn, senior vice president of government relations and corporate development at BHE Canada. “These power purchase agreements are an example of the demand for clean, renewable energy for Canadian businesses to create a more sustainable future.”

RBC, Bullfrog and Shopify join another large Canadian customer that signed a power purchase agreement with BHE Canada in 2020.

The capacity of the Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project is expected to be fully contracted prior to commercial operation.

The Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Project is a 130 MW wind farm located in southeast Alberta. The project is being privately financed by BHE Canada through a combination of equity and debt and requires no government subsidies or tax incentives to support its operation. The project consists of 26 wind turbines and is expected to be fully commissioned and supplying energy to Alberta’s grid by May 2022.

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