BMT will offer an updated concept design from its ELLIDA multi-role logistics ship design family for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Joint Support Ship project, SEA2200. The ELLIDA family of concept designs was launched in 2019.

ELLIDA has the utility to transport and deliver troops, vehicles, equipment and supplies to and from anywhere in the world in support of amphibious warfare and littoral operations, offering a versatile mix of ship-to-shore offloading and logistics capabilities to allow naval operations through landing craft, boat operations, multi-spot aviation and replenishment at sea. The center of the ship has two extensive decks with flexible space for either vehicles, containers or equipment, ensuring the vessel has the flexibility to adapt to differing mission requirements.

Primarily a logistics ship with considerable capacity to carry solid stores and flexible options for loading, transferring or unloading, ELLIDA has been designed to provide strategic logistic transportation of rolling cargo, vehicles, troops and freight between operational areas to deliver support to amphibious operations using landing craft and helicopters. Also designed to operate as a humanitarian disaster response vessel, the design is flexible to allow the addition of enhanced medical and/or Replenishment at Sea facilities.

The ELLIDA multi-role logistics ship is the third in the family of vessels designed by BMT for the auxiliary market, complimenting the AEGIR family already in service with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Royal Norwegian Navy and SALVAS concept.

Image courtesy BMT

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