Buehler introduced its newest Rockwell Hardness Tester, the Wilson RH2150, an updated more advanced Rockwell tester with easy programmability, advanced calculations and even verification reminders to ensure compliance.  


The Wilson Rockwell RH2150 will be showcased at the International Materials Applications & Technologies (IMAT) Virtual Show Oct. 26-28, 2020.  


With the launch of the new Wilson RH2150 Buehler celebrates the centennial anniversary of the Wilson brand of hardness testers, test blocks and software.


The RH2150 is available in two different sizes, with a vertical capacity of 10 and 14 inch (254mm and 356mm respectively). 


It is fully protected from outside influences with sheet metal casing and a load cell protection. 


Buehler has improved the Rockwell with a terrific clamping device that is attached to the actuator, extended scales, crash protection and a completely new user interface. Early users like the ease of use, great software interface with intuitive icon-based controls, programmability and workflow automation, one-button testing and the available accessories, that grant a fully flexible operation for many applications.


“The RH2150 was tested for weeks and months in harsh workshop environments and the consistency of test results and intuitive testing controls is clearly standing out and is the key requirement for this type of hardness testing machine,” said Matthias Pascher, Hardness product manager. “We designed unique features, such as the clamping device, directly mounted on the actuator, intelligent footswitch controls, or the DiaMet™ software package for advanced testing and reporting solutions, including network connectability which is more and more a need to ensure complete test result traceability.” 


Furthermore, the machine performs hardness testing according to the current Rockwell standards, as well as plastics and carbon testing scales, and Brinell depth testing scales, all within the load range from 1 to 187.5 kgf.    


Manufacturing and heat treatment industries that rely on Rockwell can count on this tester being the one that will make their production testing a breeze. With the availability of a large number of testing scales, this machine also fits perfectly in research labs or testing centers, where operators need to have access to all kinds of scales.


The intuitive user interface aligns with Buehler’s DiaMet hardness testing software – making it simple to learn and easy to use. A DiaMet package is available that will provide advanced features of DiaMet for the Wilson RH2150. 

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