BYK-Gardner USA is introducing a new benchtop spectrophotometer, the color2view, which represents a revolution in color measurement in every respect.

By combining several, different measurement methods, the color2view becomes an objective eye that evaluates our visual color impression in its entity. 

The color2view uses a circumferential illumination at 45° with 0° viewing to measure color as you see it. The circumferential illumination from 10 directions ensures repeatable measurement results on textured surfaces. 

Simultaneously with color, 20° and 60° gloss are measured to clearly differentiate medium gloss and high gloss samples. In addition, the color2view has a fluorimeter integrated to predict lightfastness by quantifying fluorescence – the calculated color change after fluorescence degradation is displayed with easy-to-understand CIELAB- and DE data. 

The combination of a spectrophotometer and a fluorimeter opens completely new perspectives for controlling color quality and guaranteeing long-term color stability. The color2view Pro offers a Jetness Mode which is specially designed to measure deep and deepest black with highest accuracy. It features excellent technical performance which also is assured for the very low reflectance range R < 0.1 %.

The compact and lightweight instrument can be easily rotated to adapt the orientation – “top or front port” – to one’s personal needs or sample size and shape. Operation via the brilliant, color touchscreen is icon-based and just as intuitive as using a smart phone.

The proven BYK LED technology guarantees an outstanding performance. Short-term, long-term and temperature stability are unsurpassed in the industry. The extra-large measurement spot with homogenous illumination guarantees highly repeatable and representative readings.

The implementation of digital standards was up to now limited to one instrument family. For the first time ever in the industry, digital standards can be exchanged between benchtop and portable color instruments without any extra-profiling. Due to the excellent intra-instrument agreement between color2view and spectro2guide, the seamless use of digital standards has become reality.

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