Many additives on the market have a broad application profile and are suitable for use in varying markets and segments. These areas of application and differing systems in turn have specific requirements that influence the effectiveness of an additive.

In DISPERBYK-2018 and DISPERBYK-2019, BYK now has two new wetting and dispersing additives in its range that stand out through maximum performance in respect of high viscosity reduction with simultaneous Newtonian flow behavior, outstanding pigment stability and perfect optical properties.

Both additives can be used in various aqueous end uses such as inkjet inks, printing inks, architectural, general industrial, protective, automotive, floor, wood and furniture coatings as well as in adhesives. In terms of pigments and resin systems however, their differences can be seen from their individual recommendations.

DISPERBYK-2018 and DISPERBYK-2019 both ensure deflocculation of the pigments through electrosteric stabilization. Both additives are VOC- and biocide-free, and are therefore ideally suitable for a wide range of modern aqueous systems.
Excellent storage stability rounds off the comprehensive profile of these new BYK additives.

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