ChampionX, a Texas-based oilfield tech company, has said it has won two contracts to deliver its “non-toxic chemicals” aimed at tackling corrosion to two major North Sea operators.

Under the contracts worth £2.8 million ($3.9 USD) in total, the company will deliver what it calls an environmentally acceptable corrosion inhibitor product, developed at its UK based to enable E&P organizations to economically extend the life of their assets “in a sustainable way, without sacrificing efficiency.”

“Corrosion inhibitor chemicals are widely used as a preventative measure in pipeline systems and are deployed from wellheads to processing facilities and export lines. This infrastructure is typically made of carbon steel and exposed to dissolved acidic components such as CO2 and organic acids in the presence of water, which creates a continuous threat of corrosion,” ChampionX says.

“ChampionX’s latest range of environmentally acceptable corrosion inhibitors meet the strict North Sea environmental regulations and use active components that are biodegradable, making them non-toxic to marine life. The chemicals deliver an effective preventative corrosion method while ensuring assets can operate safely for years to come, with a reduced environmental impact,” the company adds.

The company said it had, through a successful field trial, seen its new inhibitor deployed to help avoid production deferment on a major UKCS operator’s platform in the North Sea. The second client’s supply will be used at its Floating, Production, Storage, Offloading vessel (FPSO) from Q2 next year.

ChampionX says its new, non-toxic corrosion inhibitor portfolio, was created at its technology center in Aberdeen and is specifically suited to the harsh and severe corrosion environment of the North Sea.

Susan Hart, ChampionX general manager Europe, Middle East & North Africa added: “Operators must comply with strict environmental regulations to ensure that chemical discharge from offshore assets do not exceed the authorized amounts. As a result of this, production rates often need to be decreased to comply.

“We recognized the value in developing a more environmentally acceptable solution, with the goal of enabling our customers to prolong the life of assets and maximize recovery without sacrificing on efficiency. The non-toxic, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor is a more sustainable option to traditional chemicals, producing a more environmentally acceptable solution.”

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