Chemical tech start-up, AFFIX Labs, has launched its latest surface cleaning product, Clean N Coat, which is applied like any alternative but leaves a nearly invisible, ultra-thin, anti-microbial coating actively protecting surfaces for up to seven days. In tests, the coating lasted for over 300 touches.


Clean N Coat contains Si-Quat, a durable anti-viral coating, developed by AFFIX Labs earlier this year. Supported by the European Union’s EIT RawMaterials body, and tested in level 3 laboratories including at the University of Lisbon in Portugal, Si-Quat has been proven to be effective against 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.



Clean N Coat dries instantly while creating the “Si-Quat effect.” 


Sprayed onto a surface like most common surface cleaners, it degreases and cleans, but then dries to leave a thin, clear and durable layer of an environmentally conscious disinfectant that binds to the surface, killing within minutes viruses and bacteria that touch it. 


It can be applied to hard surfaces such as tabletops and counters, and softer materials like furniture and wood, leaving them actively anti-microbial. Clean N Coat will soon be launched in consumer size packaging and eco-friendly aerosol solutions.


Working with partners around the world, AFFIX Labs is becoming a leader in anti-microbial coatings. 


It has a partnership with Immersive Planet to treat theme parks with Clean N Coat and Si-Quat across the globe. Other real-world test cases are underway in Malta, in education, hotel and retirement home scenarios; in South Africa in a group of private schools and a banking chain; in restaurants and taxis in Finland; and, just underway are pilot programs in hotels in India, Dubai and Spain.

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