December 11, 2020

Credit: Saab Seaeye

Credit: Saab Seaeye

Chile’s Underdeep Solutions has expanded its ROV Fleet with a third Seaeye Falcon ROV, to support its aquaculture work

Underdeep’s latest Falcon is the second 1000m deep-rated version for the company, which specializes in fish farm inspection and support throughout Chile and the region.

Underdeep’s three Falcons are currently working at full capacity in the aquaculture facilities of the major aquaculture company, Salmones Camanchaca.

In addition, Underdeep Solutions has been working for several years in the removal of structures from the Salmones Camanchaca concessions, as requested by current local regulations.

Along with inspecting nets and moorings, Underdeep deploys their Falcons, fitted with manipulators, to perform light work tasks around fastenings and buoys, as well as collecting and recovering items.

Their new Seaeye Falcon DR is fitted with a five-function manipulator and soft rope cutter, a Kongsberg HDTV camera, B&W reverse camera, a BlueView multi-beam sonar and an Applied Acoustic high-end USBL — that is now fitted to all Underdeep’s Falcons.

According to the ROV developer Saab Seeye, a Seaeye Cougar XTi ROV is also being considered as an addition to Underdeep’s vehicle fleet. 

“The 3000m rated Cougar has six SM7 thrusters and Seaeye’s iCON™ control system, making it ideal for handling robust equipment in strong currents whilst manoeuvring around complex structures,” Saab Seaeye said.

Apart from aquaculture support operations, Underdeep also undertakes a range of other activities across South America, including shipwreck recovery, tunnel inspection and offshore support.


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