For water repellent of façades, works of art and building structures.

Coatings World staff12.08.20

CIN launched the CINGARD HI900, a new product for waterproofing façades, works of art and building structures that protect against the ingress of water and other aggressive water-soluble agents.


CIN’s new solution is a single-pack and solvent-based clear product, ideal for application on porous and absorbent surfaces, namely concrete, cementitious mortars, fiber cement, tiles, bricks and unglazed ceramics and natural stone. 


This new product stands out for its hydrophobic impregnation technology that does not form a layer and, consequently, does not alter the original appearance of the substrate.


Easy to apply and with a high penetration depth, CINGARD HI900 is a product certified with CE Marking, system 2+ and system 4, according to EN 1504-2 and is fireproof, classified with Class A1, according to EN 13501-1.


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