CIN launched its most recent digital project: an online store that aims to bring the brand closer to consumers’ homes, providing a simple browsing experience and a safe purchasing process.


“Never before has color been so needed in a house nor have we needed it so much” is CIN’s new brand concept which invites consumers to extend their personality onto the surrounding environment, ensuring its support in the always complex choice of the right colors and products. 


CIN’s new online store now enters the home of users providing them with a visually rich, inspiring and enlightening experience, positioning itself as a useful and reliable tool for each project.


And just as each home offers a space of choice, CIN’s new online store has reserved a special place for users – MyCIN, a restricted area that allows each consumer to personalize the whole experience of browsing and interacting with the brand. 


There, CIN allows each customer to create catalogs of their favorite products and colors, previously saved and organized, thus simplifying the decision process. 


“It was important for our clients to feel that CIN is part of a home and every moment. That is why we created this customizable area where it is possible to create catalogs for each project, be it the living room, the bedroom, the kids’ room or any other space, where users keep their favorite colors and products,” said Marcos Castro, CIN’s marketing director. 


Along with the customizable catalog, which can later be printed as a souvenir of the project, CIN integrates into this new site what used to feature in its blog, allowing consumers to be inspired by Cindecor through “ideas, tips and inspiring environments so that, even at a distance, they can feel supported when purchasing,” Castro said.  


“In this store, users can buy now and remember us in the future. It was with this idea of proximity in mind that we wanted to build a tool that would accompany the evolution of our relationship with each client.”


The new website includes a color/product symbiosis that allows the search to be made by tone or technical specificity. 


Also thinking of the convenience and comfort, this new website features an optimized design compatible with all devices (mobile phone, tablet and desktop), recognizing the need to be present at any time and context, in the ideal conditions for the users.


The launch of this online store “is one more step in achieving a strategic and ambitious project of CIN’s digital transformation, which will not end here,” said Castro, “apart from the new decorative, corporate and performance coatings websites, CIN recently launched its Youtube channel, which has over 2,000,000 views and is also a project of ‘customer service,’ making access to color more universal and democratizing the tools to support a more conscious decision.”


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