Would you like to paint but you don’t know where to start, what specific paint do you need or what steps should you take? CIN’s new YouTube channel can help you. CIN launched its new digital channel, with tutorial paintings videos that illustrate which paint you should use and the step-by-step steps you should follow. 


CIN’s new YouTube channel aims to explain that painting walls do not have to be so hard. The various tips explained by the brand serve the purpose of demystifying the complexity associated with doing painting jobs at home. 


The videos were filmed according to the needs of consumers and the videos are short and simple. Among the various topics, viewers can see how to properly prepare a room before starting a painting job, remove wallpaper or paint kitchen tiles. 


“CIN is a century-old brand that seeks to innovate and to be at the side of its customers, simplifying decision-making related to the paint choice and also, from now on, with the execution of the painting process,” said Marcos Castro, CIN’s marketing director. “This YouTube channel represents CIN’s intention to reinvent itself and create closer ties with families, showing the rigor and quality of the brand.”




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