December 10, 2021

Credit: NG Shipyards

Credit: NG Shipyards

CoastWise Offshore Services’ crew transfer vessel was christened Friday at Next Generation Shipyards in Lauwersoog, the Netherlands.

The vessel, named ‘COS Master’ will be operated by CoastWise Offshore Services for the transport of personnel and material to and from, among other things, offshore wind farms.

The aluminum ship offers comfortable space for 31 passengers and 5 crew members. 

“This is a significant capacity increase. Until now, it was common practice to carry only 12 to 24 passengers. In addition, a further 22 tons of deck cargo can be transported, such as materials and equipment needed for the construction and maintenance of the wind turbines at sea,” the shipbuilder said.

“In the specially developed hull shape, the good properties of a single-hull vessel are combined with the user benefits of the double-hull catamaran. The shape of the hull and the weight distribution significantly increase the workability and in addition, a further 20 percent fuel is saved.

“In addition to saving fuel, this ship emits much less NOX than is required by law. It is possible to sail on HVO, the fuel that is made from 100% vegetable oils. This gives a further CO2 reduction of 90%,” Next Generation Shipyards said, adding that the construction of the second ship for the same client is now in full swing.

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