Developed to meet the demanding requirements in powder coatings the Colors & Effects brand introduces the new lead-free Pacific Orange EH 3963. 


Due to its high chroma, the hybrid pigment expands the orange color space and merges the most beneficial properties of its organic and inorganic components. 


Compared to other high performing orange pigments Pacific Orange EH 3963 offers outstanding weather resistance and good opacity, features that are combined with a high temperature as well as superior chemical resistance. 


“With this product launch, we fill the gap of highly chromatic orange shades for lead-free coatings applications. Thanks to its hybrid technology the new pigment offers the performance our customers require for their paints and coatings without the use of lead chromate”, said Thomas Siegmund, Global Business Development manager for Industrial Coatings at Colors & Effects. 


Siegmund is responsible for the market launch of Pacific Orange EH 3963 and especially highlights its coloristic properties as a shading partner. 


“In combined use with DPP Reds, the new pigment does not show the unwanted brownish color shift, which occurs with common lead-free alternatives on the market,” he said.  


This property makes the product the ideal formulation partner to match highly chromatic and durable orange RAL shades and corporate colors in combination with high performance organic or inorganic lead chromate free pigments. 

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