The Colors & Effects Brand presents Lumina Royal Exterior Blue Russet S6903D, a semitransparent, bluish- russet shade effect pigment. 


The unmatched chromaticity and highest brilliance arise from the pigment’s optimal particle size distribution. 


Expanding the red to blue color space and providing superior sparkle the new Lumina Royal Exterior Blue Russet allows formulators to style vibrant new colors with eye-catching appearance. 


Coatings applications of the exterior grade include automotive OEMs and refinish as well as aerospace, general industrial and powder coatings. 


The autumn Color of the Moment styling burgundy bouquet expresses the new possibilities of the russet color space expansion. 


Thanks to the key formulation partner Lumina Royal Blue Russet burgundy bouquet provides designers with an essential red styling inspiration that evokes the thought of harvested grapes and the feeling of savoring wealthy moments. 


As a stage for color design, driven by inspiration, trends and specific shade objectives the Color of the Moment series creatively explores novel color spaces. Evoked by transitory experiences, it features exceptional formulations for automotive coatings that are enabled with the latest pigment innovations. 


“With their optimized particle size distribution, our mica-based Lumina Royal pigments deliver exceptional chromaticity and sparkle for vibrant stylings and for a wide variety of applications, especially in formulations with transparent pigments,” said Raimund Schmid, head of Global Development Effect Pigments for Coatings and Plastics. 


In an exclusive collaboration with Jens Ritter Instruments, Schmid and his team enabled the creation of a variety of coatings with brilliant Lumina Royal effects. 


The individual design of Ritter’s guitars was finished with these exclusively formulated effect coatings. 


Applied to the luxurious guitars the shades demonstrate the growing trend towards vivid and high chroma stylings. Since the initiation of the collaboration in 2019, three guitar designs have been based on the effect pigments Lumina Royal Dragon Gold, Lumina Royal Blue and Lumina Royal Russet. 

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