Will distribute water-based acrylic resins for the coatings and graphic arts industries.

Coatings World staff01.18.21

dar-tech, inc. has become the official midwestern U.S. distributor for ZS Interpolymer, formerly Interpolymer, a division of German-based Zschimmer-Schwarz. 


ZS Interpolymer’s manufacturing facilities in Louisville, KY, and Canton, MA, produce a range of SYNTRAN water-based acrylic resin grades that can be used in a variety of coatings and graphic arts/ink applications. 


Its acrylic technologies are unique because, in addition to conventional alkali-swellable and emulsion acrylics, its resins afford:

  • Dual self-crosslinking technology that gives superior water, stain and chemical resistance compared with traditional self-crosslinking acrylics;
  • Anionic-cationic hybrid technology that gives cationic properties with anionic compatibilities, such as tannin blocking;
  • Inherently matte acrylic technology, which is an acrylic-based liquid matting agent without the need for inorganic chemistry;
  • Acrylic-olefin grafting technology that offers better stability than traditional olefin waxes.

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