The global push for decarbonization in the transport sector has predictably inspired a wave of new designs for the shipping sector, including a new ‘Zero-Emission Handymax Bulker’ design from the hands of Eco Marine Power, a design that incorporates renewable energy solutions, electric propulsion and fuel cells.

The ship design concept is known as the Aquarius Eco Handymax II and all the technologies currently encompassed in the design are either currently available or under-development.

The Aquarius Eco Handymax II ship design includes the integrated sail-assisted propulsion & solar power system known as Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy or Aquarius Aquarius MRE. A range of energy saving devices including an air lubrication system (ALS) have also been added along with electric propulsion & fuel cells. Aquarius MRE was granted Approval-In-Principle by ClassNK in 2021 & a further patent related to this system was applied for recently.

Some of the technologies incorporated into the Aquarius Eco Handymax II design will be installed for evaluation purposes on an actual Handymax bulker this year & as the project continues further technologies will be deployed. The performance of the energy saving devices installed on this vessel will be evaluated in cooperation with the ship owner & strategic partners.

Image courtesy Eco Marine Power

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