Coatings World staff12.04.20

DURA Chemicals Inc. announced the launch of Durablock, an innovative odor eliminating technology that can be added directly to architectural and industrial coatings such as paint and primers in one, renovation coatings and multi-purpose primers.


Durablock grades can be added directly to both water- and solvent-based coatings. Durablock encapsulates and neutralizes common household and institutionalized odors such as smoke, pets, fuel, asphalt, solvents and petrochemicals. 


Durablock can also be used to reduce the odor of commercial paints to make the application more pleasant for both paint contractors and DIY applicators.


Because Durablock offers no detrimental impacts on the performance properties of the paint and coatings formulation, it can be added directly to your architectural and institutional coatings product(s). It also offers a minimal effect on VOCs, is nonhazardous and is easy to use and safe for the environment.

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