It’s still prime painting season, and Dutch Boy Paints is sharing insight about how do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) plan to tackle their painting projects this fall. 


The brand engaged nearly 1,100 DIYers from across the country to uncover their go-to painting resources, color palettes and much more. The brand’s survey revealed that 84% of respondents plan to paint in the next six months, and most prefer “Earthy and Calm” colors for their at-home retreats.


“With people spending more time at home, it’s no wonder they’re looking to transform their spaces with color that makes them feel relaxed and at ease,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “When given the choice for their dream home, 43% of our survey respondents preferred ‘Earthy and Calm’ hues over ‘White and Clean’ and ‘Grey and Trendy,’ which were a near-tie for second place at around 19% each. Whatever color palette they choose, the Dutch Boy brand has them covered with more than 1,300 colors and endless color-matching capabilities.”


What rooms or elements do survey respondents intend to “coat in calm” in the near future? The top five responses were:

  • Bedroom (40%);
  • Bathroom (39%);
  • Kitchen (32%);
  • Living Room or Family Room (30%);
  • The Front Door (24%)

Of respondents with painting plans in the next six months, 86% said they’ll tackle two or more spaces in their homes. 


Only 16% of respondents claimed they have no painting projects planned. When it comes to choosing color, most will defy the trends and go with their gut with 74% saying, “Forget the trends, I know what I like.”


More home color preferences:

  • When it comes to home style, nearly 37% prefer “Traditional and Comfortable,” with “Modern and Uncluttered” taking the second-place spot at just over 27%;
  • Most agree that baseboards and trim (67%) and kitchen cabinets (27%) should be painted “White and Clean.”

A little inspiration:

  • 30% refer to printed materials and swatches from the store when choosing a color, followed by TV networks and social media (both at 14%), home décor websites at 13% and friends and family members at just under 11%;
  • When it comes to getting advice and how-tos, 26% of our DIYers go-to brand websites or look for videos from other weekend paint warriors; around 20% prefer to just wing it and figure it out as they go.

How they do it:

  • When it comes to choosing a paint brand, 70% think color coverage and ease of use are the most important factors;
  • The only category where DIYers opt to call in a professional is for exterior paint jobs, with 58% asking for help.


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