October 12, 2021

Tatiana Moguchaya - Credit: Earth Science Analytics

Tatiana Moguchaya – Credit: Earth Science Analytics

Seismic data, analysis, and machine learning company Earth Science Analytics has appointed Tatiana Moguchaya as its new CEO.

Earth Science Analytics said that the appointment of Moguchaya as its CEO marked an expansion from its traditional core oil and gas exploration and production market into the wider business of new energy.

Moguchaya is an expert in software development and strategic leadership and has more than 15 years’ experience in both the technology and energy sectors.

Before joining Earth Science Analytics, she worked at the Norwegian unicorn start-up, Cognite, where she was responsible for customer success and research and development. With an MSc in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, she has also worked as the program manager for Petrel at Schlumberger, and Microsoft.

Moguchaya said: “I look forward to leading Earth Science Analytics on the next stage of its exciting journey. Success to date has been driven by an incredibly talented team, and a passion and commitment to deliver real value to our customers and partners. These core values will continue to play a significant part of our business model as we look to develop new solutions to meet cross-sector requirements.”

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