In line with the Irish government’s ambition of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, ESB has unveiled Green Atlantic @ Moneypoint. Under the ambitious program, ESB’s Moneypoint site in County Clare will be transformed into a green energy hub, helping Ireland to establish green energy production.

“ESB’s Brighter Future strategy is anchored in our ambition to lead the transition to a low-carbon energy future, powered by clean electricity,” says Pat O’Doherty, CEO of ESB. “The transformation of Moneypoint into a green energy hub will be a major step in achieving this and will bring huge benefits to the Mid-West and beyond. We have long signaled our intention to cease burning coal at Moneypoint. The reimagined Moneypoint will not only create hundreds of jobs but will also help Ireland to meet its climate targets and maintain secure supplies of electricity into the future.” 

ESB has already commenced work on transforming Moneypoint into a green energy hub, breaking ground on a new €50 million sustainable system support facility. The new plant will provide a range of electrical services to the electricity grid which would previously have been supplied by thermal fired power stations. Its operation will enable higher volumes of renewables on the system.

A floating offshore wind farm of 1,400 MW will be developed off the coast of Clare and Kerry Counties in two phases by ESB and Equinor, a company that specializes in floating offshore wind technology. Subject to the appropriate consents being granted, the wind farm is expected to be in production within the next decade.

Additionally, Moneypoint will become a center for the construction and assembly of floating wind turbines. A deepwater port already exists at the site, making it an ideal staging ground for the construction of the wind farm. It is expected this will generate a significant number of direct jobs in the region.

Photo by DHuiz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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