We live in extraordinary times. Yet, despite the adverse conditions, innovation refuses to stand still and continues to seek solutions to the daily challenges facing the coatings industry.
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures:

For the first time, the ECS Conference is being held in a digital format, with international coatings experts brought together on a virtual platform. The Conference can be attended by anyone, regardless of their travel budget or location.

120 presentations in 20 sessions offer you a huge input of concentrated coatings knowledge! Check out the conference programme here and find out how. In just two days, the European Coatings Show Conference serves up everything you need to be able to thrive in the fiercely contested coatings market: current developments in raw materials, the latest results from scientific institutes and universities, and contacts with leading international experts. Enthusiasts from around the world will be gathering at the digital ECS Conference to hear about the latest developments in coatings technology and to forge invaluable contacts. Don’t miss out on the latest trends!

Find out about the latest research results from academia and industry. Be among the first to know!
Learn from the brightest and best in coatings technology as they present their ideas and insights.
Ask your personal questions to all presenting coatings experts.
Exchange views in numerous discussion groups on what moves or hinders you in your daily business.
Intelligent match-making tools support you in connecting with your peers.
Attend the ECS Conference and embrace a world of new ideas and new technologies.

Join in via livestream!

Order your ticket here. 

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