Increasing regulatory requirements mean that proven wood coatings must be reformulated. 


To this end, Evonik is introducing TEGO Foamex 812, a new defoamer developed precisely for this purpose. The new defoamer has an ideal balance of effectiveness and compatibility -while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.


Regulatory requirements are at the forefront of this new development: The new defoamer meets the requirements of the current labels for low-pollutant paints and coatings including the European EcoLabels and the relevant IKEA standards. 


For food contact applications, the defoamer meets the requirements of Swiss A and FDA, among others. TEGO Foamex 812 does not contain any biocides or reportable SVHC substances.


Also, the new defoamer offers strong defoaming power combined with high compatibility. TEGO Foamex 812 is available worldwide (except Korea). 


Although the new defoamer was developed specifically for wood coatings, it is also suitable for other applications: In addition to pigment concentrates, possible applications include printing inks with food contact, automotive coatings, and can coatings.



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