SPHERILEX DP-0115 is patented precipitated silica for the matting of powder coatings in the portfolio of Evonik‘s Coating Additives business line. 


This grade of precipitated silica has found success as a matting agent for obtaining efficient, uniform, consistent and predictable matting in powder coatings. 


It will also improve the hardness and flexibility of the final powder coating. 


The matting effect is not dependent on cure temperature and will work across chemistries and formulations. 


The main applications are for super-durable polyesters and clear acrylics for use in general industrial, automotive and architectural powder coatings.


The SPHERILEX DP-0115 has been developed in a patented process to minimize porosity and maximize sphericity of the particle allowing for increased loading in powder coatings without adversely affecting melt flow during cure. 


It will achieve consistent and uniform high surface quality aspects.


It incorporates easily into the raw material pre-mix and disperses evenly through the extruder showing up uniformly distributed in the final powder.


Due to its low oil-absorption and particle shape, it can improve the overall hardness of the final coating without sacrificing its flexibility. 


Finally, it can be post-added to reduce the gloss level of a high gloss powder coating. 


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