First Source Worldwide introduced a range of metal dye complex pigments manufactured by its partner Colourscapes.


Colourscapes is the only producer in India manufacturing the whole range of these pigment types. Further, it is the only pigment producers also making dyes, backward integration is resulting in high levels of sustainability and consistency for this rare class of product.


The range includes Rhodamines (Pigment Red 81, Pigment Red 169), Methyl Violets (Pigment Violet 3, Pigment Violet 27) and Victoria Blues (Pigment Blue 1, Pigment Blue 62), which apply to wide using applications such as printing inks and paper coloration.


Regulatory is also under control, secure segregation ensures no cross-contamination of the metals, meaning some products can be used in regulatory tight applications.


The metals used by Colourscapes are confirmed responsibly sourced.


A further benefit is cost, but especially as they are made in India, importing into the USA is more economic than some other countries.

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