April 15, 2022

Credit: Equinor (file image)

Credit: Equinor (file image)

Flowserve Corporation has won a contract to provide control valves for a portion of Norway’s first cross-border and open-source carbon capture and storage facility. 

“With an estimated 2024 completion, this facility will be the first of its kind and will help further enable the acceleration of decarbonization in Europe,” Flowserve said. 

While the company did not provide the name of the project specifically, it has described it well enough to be safe to say this is the Northern Lights carbon capture and storage project led by Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

The project will initially include the capture of CO2 from Norwegian industrial capture sources. The Northern Lights project comprises transportation, receipt, and permanent storage of CO2 in a reservoir in the northern North Sea, and will be open to third parties.

Flowserve said it would provide its Flowtop and Mark One control valves for the facility’s onshore site in the Bergen region, which will facilitate carbon capture before it is ultimately transported to an offshore terminal and stored permanently below the seabed. Once completed, the facility will have the ability to potentially store an estimated equivalent of 1,000 years of Norwegian emissions.

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