Five Estuaries Offshore Wind Farm, the extension project of existing Galloper Wind Farm, has placed a multi-million-pound contract with geo-data specialist Fugro in the UK for offshore geophysical exploratory work. This is the first RWE-led offshore geophysical exploratory works that Five Estuaries Offshore Wind Farm have placed. It will take place in the Southern North Sea from August to November 2021. Three dedicated vessels will map the characteristics of the seabed and bedrock to assess the conditions around the wind farm site and the potential cable locations.

“The offshore surveys are a very important aspect of the project’s development and the data collected from these surveys will inform the Environmental Impact Assessment process and also help in the engineering design of the wind farm,” says Umair Patel, Five Estuaries’ project manager.

The Five Estuaries project team recently held the second Commercial Fisheries Working Group to discuss the planned offshore surveys.

The Five Estuaries Offshore Wind Farm is currently at a relatively early stage of development. It is anticipated that the project, if approved, will become operational around 2030.

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