December 10, 2021

Credit: Fugro

Credit: Fugro

A Fugro-led consortium has secured a grant from Dutch Government’s Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the development of methanol as a low-carbon shipping fuel.

The MENENS (Methanol as Energy Step Towards Emission-free Dutch Shipping) consortium has 22 partners, and according to Fugro, represents the complete Dutch maritime sector, from equipment suppliers, designers, shipbuilders, and ship owners to Geo-data and survey specialist Fugro.

“Fugro’s leading role in the consortium is to safely convert the engine of the Fugro Pioneer survey vessel to run emission-free on methanol by the beginning of 2023. Fugro will also contribute to the wider development of the engine technology and energy management, ship design, safety procedures and technology validation of this emission-free fuel,” Fugro said.

“Achieving emission-free shipping is not a straightforward matter as most vessels still run on fossil fuels. Although there are several routes to achieve CO2 emission reductions in the maritime sector, there are only a few possible alternatives to marine diesel that can be deployed in the short to medium term. For large-scale introduction the most viable option is methanol,” Fugro said.

Mark Heine, Fugro CEO: “This is a major and tangible achievement on Fugro’s step towards Net Zero emissions by 2035. A specific thank you to the people at the RVO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for making this very specific grant possible for the Dutch transport sector.”

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