Global Offshore, an offshore trenching and cable installation specialist, has completed a cable installation campaign at Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea, off Denmark.

The first phase of work, finished last year, saw Global Offshore use its multi-purpose PLP240 pre-lay plow, mobilized on the Havila Jupiter vessel, to carry out route clearance totaling approximately 158km.

The second phase then began in September 2020, and included the installation of 72 inter-array cables, utilizing Normand Clipper, and the jet trenching of 72 routes using the Q1400 aboard sister vessel, Normand Cutter. Following the cable installations, the PLP240  pre-lay plow returned to site to conduct backfilling operations, the first operation of its kind on an inter-array grid, Global Offshore said.

Prior to the start of the second phase, Global Offshore upgraded the Normand Clipper vessel for power cable work. 

“With the addition of a 4,000-tonne cable carousel, two 15-tonne cable tensioners, a 25-tonne quadrant deployment frame and a fully integrated control system, the 127.5m cable-laying vessel enables Global Offshore to continue providing a flexible, efficient and reliable service for their clients despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with the extensive operational challenges this has created,” Global offshore said.

Mike Daniel, Managing Director of Global Offshore said, “We are delighted to report the successful installation of all 72 inter-array cables at Danish Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm. Despite COVID-19 restrictions and the associated challenges, extreme weather, and complex seabed conditions, our expert teams have met client expectations and completed this project safely, in under six months.”

Ian Bremner, Project Director at Vattenfall said, “Global Marine Group has shown professionalism in their operations and solution-oriented thinking, delivering a high standard of engineering to deal with the technical challenges during work execution. Our partner has worked safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic alongside other ongoing site operations, contractors and the Vattenfall project team.”

Back in January, the tower, nacelle, and blades were installed for the first turbine at the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. 

Once completed the wind farm will have a production capacity of around 600 MW. It will consist of 72 wind turbines, each 187 meters tall, and each foundation weighs up to 800 tonnes.

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