Hempel launched its Hempafire Pro range of passive fire protection coatings in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The products maintain the stability of steel structures in the event of a fire for up to 120 minutes to enhance building safety.

Passive fire protection (PFP) coatings insulate steel during a fire, which extends the steel’s load-bearing capacity and gives valuable extra time for evacuation and emergency re-sponse.

Hempel’s Hempafire Pro PFP range consists of two intumescent coatings. Hempafire Pro 315 provides up to 90 minutes cellulosic fire protection and is optimised for 60 minutes. Hempafire Pro 400 provides up to 120 minutes cellulosic fire protection and is optimised for 90 minutes. Both coatings deliver very low loadings, which can improve project effi-ciency.

“We’re very pleased to be launching our Hempafire Pro range in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean,” said Roger Soler, Hempel’s group product manager, Cellulosic PFP. “The coatings help protect property and people during a fire and we believe they will be welcomed by building owners, steel fabricators and contractors, providing the same suc-cess as we have seen in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

“The coatings are very attractive for applicators and specifiers,” he added. “The excep-tionally low loadings help to reduce both total paint consumption and the number of coats required. This in turn means our intumescent coatings dry faster than similar coatings, which helps to speed up project completion times.”

Both Hempafire Pro 315 and Hempafire Pro 400 come in two versions, standard and fast drying, and can be used for the most common steel profile types in both in-shop and on-site applications. The products are tested and approved under BS 476 20/21 and can be used in exterior conditions and corrosion environments up to C4 according to ISO 12944. In addition, Hempafire Pro 315 is tested and approved under EN 13381 8/9.

Hempafire Pro 315 and Hempafire Pro 400 are available in selected countries where BS 476 20/21 is accepted. They are now available in Mexico, Central America and the Carib-bean for the first time, where they complement Hempel’s Hempacore One product. A proven PFP coating, Hempacore One has been available in the region since 2014 and has been used on a number of projects, including the San Jose Fire Station in Costa Rica and the Torre Reforma building in Mexico.

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