Applying waterborne anti-corrosive coatings can lead to the formation of what is called flash rust on metallic surfaces while the waterborne binder system is still gelling and curing. 


Heubach added two easy-to-dose, waterborne flash rust inhibitors to its portfolio with HEUCOFLASH to effectively prevent this phenomenon.


HEUCOFLASH LQ1 is a nitrite containing, VOC-free flash rust inhibitor which meets all the requirements for highly effective protection against flash rust. 


If for any reason nitrite-free corrosion protection is needed, HEUCOFLASH LQ2 offers the nitrite-free alternative. 


Both products are suitable for application on all steel substrates and in all waterborne binder systems. 


In combination with HEUCOPHOS active anti-corrosive pigments from Heubach, they offer perfect all-round protection.


“It is important to us that we can now also offer liquid anti-corrosive additives, as well as two different technologies of flash rust inhibitors”, says Alexander Belkin, product management, anti-corrosive pigments, Heubach. “This is the logical addition to our extensive portfolio of products for waterborne anti-corrosive systems.”




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